Purple Brussels Sprouts with Radish & Anchovy Toast and a Quail Egg

Today is the first real rainy day I’ve had since arriving in Berkeley over a month ago. We’re in the middle of a quite serious drought, and I can feel a collective sigh of relief in the air. As much as I’ve been enjoying the unseasonably warm, sunny, dry weather I’ve had here thus far, I hope the rain continues and gives this thirsty state what it needs.

backyard meyer lemon tree

This also is the first day that I’m just really letting myself just cuddle up during the day and watch movies. I’ve been getting into the Marcel Pagnol trilogy – the three French movies that were the basis for the Chez Panisse name. (Honore Panisse is one of the characters.) It’s surprisingly funny at times and the characters really draw you in. Ahhh… a perfect thing to do on a lazy Sunday, especially when you don’t care about the Superbowl.

I spent the day in Napa yesterday and stopped by the Green String Farm stand, one of the farms that Chez Panisse sources from. After a bourbon and rum distillery tour (more on that another day), I very excitedly overfilled my cart and maybe, just maybe went a little overboard as I tend to do. C’est la vie.

purple brussel sprouts, anchovy & radish toast, and a quail egg

I made myself a pretty stinkin’ cute breakfast this morning. Soft boiled quail eggs with purple (yes, purple! I hadn’t seen them before either) brussels sprouts, anchovy toast with breakfast radishes, a little crunchy sea salt, and a blood orange. I boiled the quail eggs for 2 1/2 minutes and then placed them in an ice bath to stop the cooking. Those eggs are just so pretty.

The purple brussels sprouts, which are a truly stunning color especially when raw, taste just like the classic green. I blanched them quickly in salted water before finishing them in the cast iron for a bit of smokiness. The blanching water turned into this bright teal, quite an unusual color. The sprouts are super yummy with a little pounded anchovy oil, which I dressed the toast with. If you think about, the brussels sprout – anchovy combination makes a lot of sense, as we already all love the bacon – brussels combo. Those little guys just need some nice, salty umami and they’ll sing.

purple brussel sprouts & quail egg

green string farm

baby deerA mama and baby deer duo were grazing next door this morning. They say hello.

breakfast radish & anchovy toast

Once I work up the motivation to peel myself out of this bed (I can do it, I can do it), I may find myself waiting in line for some Ici Ice Cream before scooting over to Muir Woods. Yes, yes. A sleepy morning, delicious ice cream, and the redwoods sound just perfect to me. Ahh…but this blanket…

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