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Until Next Time, California

I’ve had this draft waiting patiently for two weeks patiently, hoping that one of these days the right words would finally accompany these final CA photos. I’m typing from my new home, the third already this year, back on the East Coast in Gloucester. I spent a lovely 4 1/2

Cannard Farm, Napa, and Haight-Ashbury

This morning I went to Cannard Farm, the main farm that Chez Panisse sources its produce from. It was gorgeous, with light rain and fog over the mountains, bringing sharp contrast to the beautiful wildflowers they let — and encourage — to grow. The special thing about this farm is

Purple Brussels Sprouts with Radish & Anchovy Toast and a Quail Egg

Today is the first real rainy day I’ve had since arriving in Berkeley over a month ago. We’re in the middle of a quite serious drought, and I can feel a collective sigh of relief in the air. As much as I’ve been enjoying the unseasonably warm, sunny, dry weather

Berkeley & SF Explorations, Week 2

Since I’ve been in Berkeley, I’ve… Eaten, a lot. Twice at Chez Panisse, plus some quite indulgent staff meals; matrimonio and other tapas at Cesar; the famous Caesar salad at Zuni Cafe; pizza and salad at Cheeseboard Collective; many a time at Ramen Shop (4 times already and I’ve only

A New Start in the Bay Area

Happy new year, all! And what a year it’s been — what a year it was.┬áIn my mind, the new year began for me late last Friday when I arrived in California, when I was greeted within an hour of arriving with the most incredible meal at Chez Panisse –

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