It’s Been a While

Hey y’all. I kind of forgot I had a blog for a minute there. This winter has been, obviously, very very snowy in New England, and it’s been a good time to just hibernate and work on other projects for a bit. This winter, in a nutshell…

I started a new job back in December as Garde Manger (salads and desserts) at a new restaurant in Gloucester, Pinoli, that sadly has closed after a short 6 weeks. The chef, Paolo Laboa, is from Genoa and naturally specialized in simple, traditional Italian cuisine. Sadly for us, he and his family are relocating to the Napa Valley. They had lived in the Bay Area previously, as he was the chef of Farina in San Fransisco. I learned so much in that short time and am grateful to have had the experience.

I’m now back at my old stomping grounds, Short and Main. Feels like home and it’s a lovely thing. I’m also doing some private dinners and offering personal chef services, such as prepared meals. I have a private dinner next week, and am really excited about the menu:

  • Campari spritzer
  • antipasti: local cheese, castelvetrano olives, marinated almonds
  • half dozen oysters on the half shell
  • mixed greens salad with red wine vinaigrette
  • homemade cannelloni with braised beef, greens, and béchamel
  • grapefruit upside down cake with whipped creme fraiche

Here’s a piece I did for Eat Boutique on a tasty grapefruit-kumquat upside down cake with Campari syrup. Super delicious, simple, and impressive. Inspired by Twelve Recipes by Cal Peternell, chef of Chez Panisse.

I’m looking forward to starting a supper club, which I hope to start on an upcoming Wednesday. A mid-week pick up is always a good thing, eh? If you’re interested in my personal chef services or the supper club, please shoot me an email at

And now…a whole lot of photos from the last few months. xo

fried egg, brussels sprout, anchovy toast

the ol' go to: avocado toast

quinoa, amaranth, and brown rice porridge with caramelized banana and coconut

hey, it snows during winter in new england.

cannelini beans


back when you could see the ground

italian sausage with cannel ini beans, broccoli rabe, herbs, and an egg


spring brook farm

good harbor beach

parsnip soup with creme fraiche and spinach

roasted butternut squash with sriracha yogurt and cilantro


trudging through the snow

attemtpting a molly brett illustration

harvard museum of natural history

braised turkey thighs

spice jars!

beating the winter blues with tropical compost


hello snow



caramelizing grapefruit and kumquats

grapefruit-kumquat upside down cake with campari syrup

making hazelnut brownies with smoked sea salt

cannoli shells

toasted meringues

oysters and fried brussels sprouts at B&G

carnitas and bubbles at home

pansotti making. just for me, so kept it super rustic!

snow snow snow

soaking it up


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