A Lobster Bake & a Summer Wedding in Maine

This weekend, two very beautiful people are getting married. My cousin Josh is marrying his high school sweetheart, Caite, and we couldn’t be happier for the two of them! Celebrations are underway and everything is abuzz getting ready for tonight’s wedding. Last night, family and friends reunited at the rehearsal dinner. We feasted on lobster, clams, and veggies- and a few out-of-towners tackled their first lobsters. My aunt and uncle’s house is a kid’s dream…running around the yard, swimming in the pond, playing badminton and bocce. So much fun!

It was a beautiful night, even when interrupted by the rain. We all huddled under the tent and chowed down.

With the wedding tonight, there will be more pictures to follow – especially at least one of the happy couple!! And tomorrow, I will make homemade marshmallows for banana boat s’mores, as seen on Eat Boutique, for another reunion this week, as I get ready to see friends from a semester in Costa Rica after 3 years! I also plan to make grilled swordfish with wild blueberry chutney from Linda Greenlaw’s book, and may post about my lavender bluebarb pie from tonight’s wedding. There’s a lot going on, but now it’s time for wedding celebrations!

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