Braised Tendercrop Pork, Mustard Greens, and Radishes

My lovely coworkers from my previous job incredibly generously gave me a gift certificate to Tendercrop Farm, among many other super thoughtful gifts, as a warm sendoff to my new chapter. Knowing that I love to cook and often frequent Tendercrop, and that moving is always more expensive than you want it to be, I am so. so. so. grateful. So generous and so on key. I’ve been running around the past two weeks since moving in, and have hardly cooked anything other than the occasional egg. Not to mention, there aren’t many places in Beverly open at this point in the season that offer fresh, local produce. So I was over the moon to make the drive to Tendercrop yesterday, and seriously stock up on some yummies to christen my new kitchen. If anyone from NOAA is reading this, THANK YOU! As promised, I did not buy any chicken legs. Pork butt, yum yum.

This is a super simple meal to create. A pound and a half pork butt, seasoned with Maldon salt, seared in ghee in a cast iron pan on high while the oven preheats at 325F. I seared both sides, poured in some water and a bit of home-infused thyme vodka for an herbaceous kick, and threw in a couple sprigs of marjoram for good measure. Something I’m growing at home for the first time. Sage would also do, but you don’t want to overpower it with herbs. Nice and light, a splash of champagne vinegar. Cooked at 325F for roughly 2 hours — could have likely given it a little less than that, but regardless it came out very tender and yummy.

After the first hour, I threw in some mustard greens, put the oven on a timer, and napped. Hell yes. The oven turned off automatically when the time was up — wow, technology can be amazing sometimes — and I continued to nap. Threw in some kale, popped it back in the still slightly warm, but off, oven, and ran an errand. Returned and sliced radishes, fried sage in ghee, garnished with sage and chive blossoms. I mean, this was pretty delicious, pretty lazy cooking. Just what I needed.


P.S. Oh, I stinkin’ love goats. Met two baby goats at Apple Street Farm recently — only three days old! Time for a Valley View visit soon, for a serious goat love fix.

P.P.S. And if you at all love retreating to the woods, you have to visit Cabin Porn. Yep. Forget whose blog I found it on recently, but amazing. I want to be in all of those places, all at once.

2 Replies to “Braised Tendercrop Pork, Mustard Greens, and Radishes”

  1. Capn says:

    Thank God you didn’t buy more chicken legs!!!!

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