Summer Starts at The Market Restaurant

The Market Restaurant in Gloucester is officially open for the season! I’ll be spending my time here, and will be constantly swooning over this amazing location, incredible food, and happy people. What a great way to spend the summer. I’ll be backwaiting, organizing reservations a couple times a week, and starting in July, learning in the kitchen once a week. I’m incredibly excited – so much so that I spent a solid three hours last night, a night off, sitting at the bar and enjoying dish after amazing dish. So, while I’m settling into my new place and starting new jobs, I haven’t been cooking like I want to be. But that will change soon. In the meantime, heed my recommendation and eat at The Market. Seriously. It is worth the drive.

A super quick introduction if you haven’t heard about it: an amazing little restaurant tucked away in Annisquam, owned by Nico and Amelia Monday, incredibly talented chefs and just a stinking cute couple. The two of them met while working at Chez Panisse, Alice Waters’ mecca of local, super fresh, super delicious food out in Berkeley, California. Moved out here and opened a restaurant in Amelia’s hometown, with a daily-changing menu based on what is fresh and delicious from local farms and fishermen. And I think we’re all thankful for that.

So, in my marathon meal last night (I mean, I’m studying, right?), I enjoyed ALL of the following. A glass of The Market Restaurant rosé, made exclusively for the restaurant, a beautiful, dry pinot noir that’s perfect for this hot hot weather. Beacon Street Farm lettuces with Valley View Farm chèvre, pickled shallots, and turnips. Too hungry to capture this one. Halibut carpaccio with shaved asparagus, radishes, and ginger vinaigrette. Fried soft shell crab with citrus, avocado, and aioli. I honestly just stared at this beautiful plate for a few minutes before beginning to eat it, it’s just that pretty. And that tasty. A glass of crisp cassis. Incredibly refreshing. Seared scallops with beets, marinated potatoes, and champagne beurre blanc. Cue staring for another few minutes. So delicious, done JUST right with a beautiful sear and tender meat inside. Homemade lemon curd ice cream with shortbread cookies. Sigh. You need that ice cream on a hot day. Damn, I can eat a lot of food, and oh was it good. Clean plate club through and through.

I’ll christen my new kitchen soon – and can’t wait to do so. Pots and pans, I promise I haven’t forgotten about you. But you can understand why I’ve been temporarily preoccupied.

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