Vegecation: A Chive Sustainable Sunday Supper

What a special day. Chive’s Sustainable Sunday Suppers are always a highlight of the season, and this one was particularly special. Their eighth Sunday Supper was held in a beautiful, sunny, warm greenhouse on the Northshore that is used by the kids at The Food Project. The bright green sprouts reminded me that it’s true, spring really is on its way. And the kids – the kids really reminded me that going after your dream and accomplishing what you set your mind to is possible.

The Food Project works with youth around eastern Massachusetts to learn about farming, how to run a community supported agriculture program (CSA), and give back to the community through donations to hunger relief organizations. All of the kids from the program were SO inspired and inspiring. Awake and open. One told me that The Food Project was the first place that acknowledged the fact that teenagers can make a difference in the world; he had noticed that people never really took teenagers seriously or believed in them, but now he knows he can make a difference, because he already has. Oh it hurt so good to hear that. That one, beautiful comment really sums up the energy of the whole afternoon.

They were such hard workers the entire day, helping out in everything from assembling the food in the kitchen, passing hors d’oeuvres, clearing the table, talking to the guests about what The Food Project does, and being saints as they helped us lug tables and chairs back and forth. I never heard one complaint from them, only happiness to be there and share the experience they’ve had with The Food Project.

This dinner was so special, as it was held in the greenhouse used by The Food Project. The first bay held all the seedlings, many of which were seeded and cared for by the kids from the program, and the second bay, which is typically the “classroom” was converted to the dining area. The sense of learning and curiosity remained throughout the day. Oh, and not to mention, the food was lovely. Hors d’oeuvres such as cauliflower fritters with wild smoked salmon and spicy pickles; Appleton Farm cheddar gougères, garlic scape pesto on seeded crisps; chickens roasting on a spit; beautiful, green salads from local greenhouses with roasted squash and goat cheese; Maitland Mountain Farm napa cabbage with smoked pork jowl and last summer’s corn salsa; Vermont wheatberry salad, and on and on.

Beautiful live music throughout the day. And a milk and cookie bar to wrap up the night! Homemade giant molasses cookies; organic oreos; maple pumpkin whoopie pies; gluten-free chocolate-strawberry cupcakes, all by Kim’s Pure Pastries. Really just one of those days that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy. I know, I know, it sounds cheesy, but if you were there, you know what I’m talking about!

2 Replies to “Vegecation: A Chive Sustainable Sunday Supper”

  1. Thank you Sheila for your beautiful wrap up of Sunday’s event. We are always thrilled to have you be part of these suppers and appreciate all you do to help Chive spread the word about great community organizations. The Food Project is a perfect Chive partner as is All Things Considered Yummy! Cheers! to Winter’s end and Spring’s beginning, hope to share many more meals with you!

  2. Uvi Ajavon says:

    Sheila, this is beautiful! Hope to see you soon, and enjoy all the yumminess that is promised here!

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