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A Chive Event Celebrating Sustainability x2

St. Lawrence University has developed a very cool new Sustainability Program this spring — a semester-long program in which students live and learn together off campus, to tackle environmental issues. Students live together in a rural setting in New York, studying a full course load, while also growing and cooking

Carolina Gold Rice with Fiddleheads & Anchovies

It’s been quite some time since I last wrote. A lot has happened since. I celebrated my best friend’s 30th birthday in St. Augustine, Florida: we collected SO many beautiful shells and soaked in some great early beach weather; ate delicious food; and admired the Spanish architecture throughout the city.

Vegecation: A Chive Sustainable Sunday Supper

What a special day. Chive’s Sustainable Sunday Suppers are always a highlight of the season, and this one was particularly special. Their eighth Sunday Supper was held in a beautiful, sunny, warm greenhouse on the Northshore that is used by the kids at The Food Project. The bright green sprouts

Chive: Back to the Rind!

Ahh…there’s nothing like the Chive Sustainable Sunday Suppers. These events get me every time. Working with Chive, I’ve been lucky enough to attend or volunteer at all of these suppers, except one, which they host each season to bring the community together around a common goal: to share delicious local

Chive Presents: Supper on the Sea (S.O.S.)

Absolutely perfect, beautiful day. Could not have asked for more.I’ve been fortunate enough to work events with Chive: Sustainable Event Design and Catering, but before you think this rave review is because I work there, and therefore biased, let me tell you – I work there because I know how

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