Green Pepper, Pancetta, and Egg Flowers

I saw this idea a while back on Pinterest, and it looked so fun! I impatiently waited until finally, fresh peppers were available from my CSA share this week! It was time to act. This is a really fun take on the egg-in-hole toast, but will veggies instead of bread.

For each person, use about half a pepper, sliced thickly and horizontally (two slices pepper, two eggs per person). I cooked up four small pieces of pancetta, sauteed onions, and layered the pancetta over the onions and inside the sliced pepper. Then just crack the eggs – slowly – over the ingredients and make sure it reaches the pan inside the pepper. I cooked on low for a few minutes, and could have let it cook longer without flipping to ensure the yolk stays uncovered on top to look like the center of a flower. But I was impatient and starving, so slowly flipped it, waited a minute or so longer, and ate up! The yolk did end up getting covered by the whites this way, but it was still so cute. Finished with some rosemary-infused salt and freshly ground pepper, along with parsley also from the CSA, and green chia kombucha (with chlorophyll). So satisfying!

This is such an adaptable recipe. You could use big, beefsteak tomatoes instead of the pepper, zucchini or squash, etc. Different fresh herbs, spices, sauces, and so on. How might you prepare yours?

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