Poached Eggs with Sweet Potato & Parsnip Homefries

Here’s a lovely breakfast that’s perfect for a spring morning.  Two tasty, farm-fresh poached eggs with mixed veggie homefries. It’s a great use of leftover veggies and is wonderful to enjoy outside!

  • 2 fresh eggs per person
  • Any number of veggies for the homefries: leftover cooked (but not overcooked) sweet potatoes, uncooked parsnips, red onion, kale, parsley, beets, etc.

Chop up the veggies, get the water ready for the poached eggs (see below) and start up the homefries before the eggs. This way, the homefries will be done at the same time as the eggs. If you have time, you could start by caramelizing some onion on low heat, then throwing the rest of the veggies in and starting up on the eggs at that point.

Poached eggs; sweet potato, beet, parsnip, kale, caramelized red onion; blood oranges

I make poached eggs by filling a frying pan with an inch or two of water, a splash of white wine vinegar, and some sea salt. I have kind of a weird method, but it’s the only thing that’s worked for me so far. You might have a more reliable method, so go with that if that’s the case! If not, give mine a try. I cover the frying pan and wait until the water is just about boiling. It may need to settle down, so let the water relax a little. Then, put the whole (uncracked eggs) gently in the water for about a minute. This will help the egg stay in place when you crack it. Take it out with a slotted spoon, crack in slowly into the water – almost have the egg touching the water as you crack it. It might spread out a little more than desired, but if you’re worried about presentation, you can always trim the messy egg whites into a clean circle when you’re done. Let them cook for a few minutes until the whites are cooked enough – no longer translucent. Cook a bit longer if you don’t like runny yolk (yum yum). Then remove them from the water with a slotted spoon and pat dry.

Season with sea salt and black pepper, and mix in some chopped fresh parsley, or any other suitable herb if you have some on hand (i.e.. basil, cilantro, etc). Whole grain mustard is good on the side. Basically, this breakfast is good with almost any random veggies you might have lying around by Sunday morning. Just something starchy to make the homefries, and something green, like herbs or kale, to mix in and add depth. Even beets or carrots are welcome here. A drizzle of olive oil and maybe some red wine vinegar is also delicious on the eggs. Just throw it together and enjoy the day 🙂

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