Homemade pasta

I recently bought a pasta machine and love it. While I’ve only used it once so far, I have big dreams for it. (Just another one of my random projects that I build up to being really difficult in my head, and then when I do it again, I’ll wonder why I waited months and months before giving it a shot again.)

Making homemade pasta seems pretty straightforward, at least so far. It’s just a matter of patience in waiting for the dough to sit, and putting batch after batch through the machine. I bought James Beards’ Beard on Pasta before giving this a shot, and he has some simple, delicious recipes in there for both homemade pastas (fresh and dried) and various sauces. I chose an egg fettuccine and easy tomato sauce, and served it with an a mixed-greens salad with carrot ribbons, fresh figs, and goat cheese, as well as garlic bread.

Will update with recipe!

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