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Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

When I was little, my dad and I had this ritual where we’d go to Haley’s Ice Cream and each get a cup of our favorite. Mine was always peanut butter cup, and his was rum raisin. We’d scurry back into his navy blue Ford Escort with no AC and

Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs

I’m so excited to share this recipe! Aside from the homemade snickers I posted a while back, this is certainly one of the silliest and most fun little treats I’ve made. It’s just so fun making┬áhomemade versions of these treats, and I have to say, they’re yummier than the ones

Homemade Snickers

This is a real thing. A decadent, over the top, real thing. Seriously, homemade snickers. I found this recipe on the beautiful Not Without Salt. Creamy peanut butter nougat. Salted peanut caramel. Chilled and cut into little squares, dipped in dark chocolate. Elevated snickers. I love making things at home

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