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Breakfast Obsessions

Bartavelle, you ruined me. So many delicious treats every single day. But you are 3,122 miles away, which is much too far a drive for my daily breakfast fix. I need my avocado toast and my Persian breakfast, so I’ll just have to make them in my kitchen, on the

Seattle in May

Well hello. It’s been a while. I’ve been back on the East Coast for a little over a month now, after those lovely 4 1/2 months living in Berkeley, CA. In typical Sheila fashion, I attempted to hit the ground running. Which is always funny, because it leaves me in

Until Next Time, California

I’ve had this draft waiting patiently for two weeks patiently, hoping that one of these days the right words would finally accompany these final CA photos. I’m typing from my new home, the third already this year, back on the East Coast in Gloucester. I spent a lovely 4 1/2

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