Garlic-Scape Stuffed Burger with Tsaziki Sauce

I’m on a bit of a home-cooked burger kick right now. I love me a good burger, and buy my meat in bulk from a farm store that has great deals on bulk chicken and grass-fed beef. So, here’s another Sunday night burger, perfect for summer.

This is a super simple, quick meal so you can make the most of your summer night. I just chopped up some garlic scapes (perfect for early summer, but if making later, you can substitute regular garlic) and formed the patties with the scapes throughout the burger. Cooked them up, then chopped some more garlic, along with cucumbers and mint, and mixed the ingredients in with some Greek yogurt. Just added in some olive oil, lemon juice, and salt, and called it a day! I didn’t measure anything out, but instead just added the amount of each ingredient that I was in the mood for. Garlic scapes are a bit more mild than regular garlic, so keep that in mind. Enjoy and get outside 🙂

P.S. I cooked up an extra one to have on top of a salad tomorrow for lunch – who said burgers don’t make good leftovers?

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