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Berkeley & SF Explorations, Week 2

Since I’ve been in Berkeley, I’ve… Eaten, a lot. Twice at Chez Panisse, plus some quite indulgent staff meals; matrimonio and other tapas at Cesar; the famous Caesar salad at Zuni Cafe; pizza and salad at Cheeseboard Collective; many a time at Ramen Shop (4 times already and I’ve only

Ginger-Golden Raisin Scones

Well, these just might be the tastiest, easiest scones ever. My friend Ren (who is currently in Thailand, adventuring and taking so many amazing photos) gushed about the wonder that is the Zuni Cafe scone. Judy Rodgers’ San Francisco restaurant is known for many things, but their early morning orange-currant

Creamy Oyster Stew and an Onion Tart

I have a problem with oysters. Maybe I become just a little crazed. I’m kind of like “if you give a mouse a cookie”, except we could rewrite the book entitled “if you give a Sheila an oyster”. It’s sort of like when someone is on a crash diet, say

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