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Berkeley & SF Explorations, Week 2

Since I’ve been in Berkeley, I’ve… Eaten, a lot. Twice at Chez Panisse, plus some quite indulgent staff meals; matrimonio and other tapas at Cesar; the famous Caesar salad at Zuni Cafe; pizza and salad at Cheeseboard Collective; many a time at Ramen Shop (4 times already and I’ve only

Falling for Annisquam, and Green Goddess Dressing

The North Shore is such an epic place. I find myself getting lost in the beauty of Annisquam lately, a place that although I did not grow up far from, never spent much time in until fairly recently. An incredible place. Beautiful beaches, idyllic farms, and wonderful people throughout the

Meyer Lemon Tarts

Butter. Butter. Sugar. Butter. Sugar. Sugar. Lemon. Lemon. Lemon. Lemon. Butter. I could leave it there, but there’s a bit more to the recipe than that. And with that introduction…obviously it’s delicious. Tasty – tangy – tart – sweet – and lemon lemon lemon. This recipe from La Tartine Gourmande

Decadent Homemade Sundaes

Salted-bourbon caramel sauce Rich dark chocolate sauce Maple-bourbon whipped cream Candied pecans & almonds …need I say more? These toppings – and the inevitable sundaes – are so insanely good, yet easy. I’ve been reading through The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters to help inform me for my

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